Getting Yourself Out There (Part 2)

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You need to be Social, because you need an audience.

The problem with talking to yourself is that no-one else talks back.

Even after you‘ve got yourself a kick-ass website for next-to-nothing that represents you or whatever you are trying to sell or share, you still might not really have an audience. This is the next part of your mission. And you can begin by using the existing audience on other people’s websites to grow your audience.

At the beginning, all the people you’re trying to connect with are elsewhere. They may be on Facebook, or Twitter, or Pinterest, or Instagram, or YouTube, or their own website. You need to go there to speak to them. That means ‘dressing for the party’ and making yourself a profile on these social networks. Don’t join every single social networking platform just for the hell of it as you will never be able to keep them all up to date… just pick a handful of key platforms where the people-who-might-be-interested-in-your-message will probably be.

Then start contacting people with the aim of bringing them back to YOUR website, you know, where the magic happens.

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