Getting Yourself Out There (Part Ø)

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I clearly remember the time I had absolutely no idea where to even begin talking to ‘the world’. And how it felt, too. Like an insurmountable headache of noughts and ones, and money and contacts. For me, writing music was the easy and fun part…but all that other stuff? No idea.

While I guessed that having a website, social networks, email lists and marketing were probably great things for someone like myself to have, they must all cost a small fortune, surely? Something I just didn’t have.

Thankfully over the last few years, I asked some clever people a whole lot of questions, learned how to get a few things right (and wrong), and figured out a way to get my messages out to the world in a professional way, for very little money.

Letting the world know you exist doesn’t need to be hard, or costly.




Before you start shouting at the top of your digital voice, you need to figure out what your message is.

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What exactly do you want to share with the world?

Is it you, as a person? Maybe you have stories to tell, or something to sell. Or you play in a band and want people to buy your music, and come to your shows. Or you’re a group of friends working together on something magic.

  1. Who/what are you? (e.g. a writer, or, a hotel)
  2. What are you creating? (e.g. Fictional books, or, A unique experience in a specific place)
  3. Why are you creating it? (e.g. Because I have an insane imagination, or, Because we love people)
  4. What do you want in exchange for what you’ve created? (e.g. To be respected for my work, or, Profit, RoI, a great reputation, accreditation, a network of friends etc.)

Answer these questions critically and honestly, and you should reach a clear understanding of why you need to let other people to know who you are in the first place.

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