Getting Yourself Out There (Part 1)

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You need a website, and websites can be easy.

Your very own website can and should be the fundamental place you use to represent yourself to the world, outside the geographical distance you‘re able to travel to and from, in a single day. You could think of it as your digital amplifier.

Here’s what you can do.

  • Buy a web address — a .com address is typically £10 a year
  • Buy hosting — from around £2.49 a month
  • Install a website builder via your hosting portal — something like WordPress


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Once you have made this initial investment, you are actually very close to having what you want without realising it.

Say, for example, you have bought the following web address:

You also purchased hosting for one website for £2.49 per month. You log into your account where you bought your hosting and, in this example, you would search for the ‘Install WordPress’ option. As soon as WordPress installation is complete, you will end up with a username and password to log into your website with.

For any site that’s built with WordPress, you just add /wp-login.php/ to the end of your web address to get back stage, so in this instance, you would go to:

Then log in with your username and password, and voilà!

You are back stage.

The final part is to choose and install a ‘theme’ for your website- this is what makes your website look and work the way it does. Many modifiable themes can be installed (for free) from within WordPress, but there are many other great places to buy clever and fancy responsive themes, such as, and, or you could just google wordpress themes.

Just so you know, we can get you to this point in approximately 45 minutes, for £100.

Granted, making your website look superb can take some doing, in the same way that anyone can grab a paint brush and start thrashing around, but only some people can actually paint. You should at the very least know what you want, and if you simply can’t build it yourself, find someone who can.

We are all proficient now at using websites like Facebook and Twitter, and Amazon and all those other huge behemoths of an experience that employ thousands of people earning millions of pounds. It’s easy to feel that your website needs to be all singing and all dancing too. But that’s rubbish.

Keep it simple.

The most important parts your website needs are a name/logo, a description, an image, reference to something you want to sell or share, and a contact page.

Everything else is probably silver linings and smoke and mirrors.

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